Monday, June 29, 2009

At start! Graduate!

..w/ my mother and sister

Graduate at last. But this is not the last, this certainly is the beginning. I want to achieve more and study again.

My inner desire to study has been motivating me to be on the right track. I've enrolled to Graduate School, taking up MBA. Since, we have no work during Saturdays, it is an opportune time for me to shape my dream. I have little regret of not starting it earlier. I may be working on my thesis this time. Nonetheless, my work experience will be one of my recipe in dealing the subject matter in a wider speck.


Edward, Carl, Mark, Francisko...during our Christmas (costume) Party...
Well, it's delightful to note some of our hang outs during our high school days. After almost a decade, we gathered once again and "renewed" the freshness of friendship. We graduated from different uninversities, but learned one thing in common-- loyalty.

Different personalities, different principles in life..yet, able to withstand the differences we possess.

hehe, of course, to stanley and jeffrey...ever loyal to laugh at my jokes and always kid me about that "jeepney incident"(vowed not to do that again without checking my backpack.)

Good thing i kept some of our photos. It's just like having a mere glimpse during that Analytic Geometry exam, spending lunch breaks in a "pugad ng war freak" carinderia, "scavenging" during recess time, availing the P10 siopao during 9:00, playing basketball and video games, learning swimming/diving, gambling (excluding me), drinking, etc.

i don't miss u guys..


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

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