Monday, May 25, 2009

Beachy buygallywow!

The tropical breeze around the beach brings a total getaway experience. The cozy feeling of resting along the shore allows me to enjoy the natural beauty of the scenery. The white sand and the clear water invite my delightful spirit to plunge into it. All of the splendid features are natural, enabling my tired mind undergo a natural comfort. The magnificent sea views and the corals revive my sense of childlike curiosity.

That experience allows me to question oneself, why we tend to seek a certain place just to relax and have a peace of mind? When we are in the office, we suffice our pressured minds by thinking on how we can treat ourselves, such as, outings, shopping and watching movies. Purposely, those places are created just to cater the need of enjoyment and relaxation. We need to relax. We need to unwind. But that doesn’t enclose our minds that going to beaches are the best way to enjoy and relax. Still, there are a hundred and one ways on how to seek relief and enjoyment. Learning something is the best way to accomplish the monotonous tone in our life. In my case, I considered myself a novice in cooking and that’s included in my list where I can practice and learn more.

But I would say that an experience in the beach is different and superb.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

It all began with I

I was in second year college (not so long ago, hehe) when I drew this portrait. My seatmate asked for it and without any hesitation, I gave it to her. It has been 5 years since I saw this sketch. So, how did I find it? Surprisingly, she uploaded it on her “friendster” account. That time, I instantly grabbed it, and remembered the things that have had happened during my college days. I usually compile my artworks; well most of them are sketches using pencil, ball pen and charcoal, but now, they are gone. They were not stolen or bought by other classmates, but simply I gave it especially during Christmas Party and other occasions. I find it special when the gift is something artistically and patiently made. I gave one of my artworks to one of my friends during her debut and that was the cheapest yet the unique one among the gifts. I have no regrets giving my works the fact that they are just ordinary, but it is my way of extending my self to be their friend.

Now, the workload and responsibilities I carry do not provide me a space even for a single stroke. It is only when I attend retreats and recollections that I have the luxury of time to draw. Most people view drawing or painting as an expression. Indeed, it is one way of venting out anger and depression. But one thing is for sure that in every artwork, it is best illustrated when you have the passion for it. When you have the inspiration and willingness to undergo improvement you have the recipe for proactive view in life. For, inspiration and improvement………begin with “I”.

Monday, May 11, 2009

the kaveman

I won the fight. I was thirsty and sweating all through out. After receiving the vibrant greetings from my team mates, I sat on the floor and dwelled on the fight I had. The rigid training I invested has finally paid off.

In one fight, there was this one man who opened my eyes to realm of martial arts. His simplicity overshadowed the mediocrity of all players who stepped in the arena. I noticed him while he was doing his warm up exercise, wherein, the swiftness of kicks and the agile foot works show the amount of passion he portrays. His silence and humility is extraordinary. He exudes an aura of a true martial artist.
His first fight was indeed exceptional that facing a much taller opponent wouldn’t be that easy. The moment the referee signalled “fight!” my excitement brought me in euphoria, kept thinking how interesting match it would be. 5 seconds passed when the taller guy threw his kick right into the body, but it was accurately countered attack by a turning kick to the head! The crowd went wild for it was truly a “David and Goliath” scene. The slingshot was magnificent!

I was a beginner then, but I pursued my passion practicing the art. A portion of my high school years was dedicated to my life in the gym. I kept on dreaming that someday, I could do that slingshot. Years have passed, and I witnessed him again playing to higher level tournaments. His prowess continued in the arena of full contact sports that he and his elder brother even faced for the grand championship bout. The “kaveman” captured my inner passion to determine in life and to be humble.

Now, my practice of the said art has diminished. I have my work and happy about it. But the virtues that I acquired will hopefully transcend me to become the David in facing my own Goliaths in life.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Delicious Coffee in Moments without the Mess!

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