Thursday, February 26, 2009

Morning rush

Morning rush is not unusual among employees. As an experience, I tend to wake up at 7 in the morning, since my home is not far distant from the office. But unfortunately, I tend to be complacent within that span of hour and taking too much time inside the bathroom. I realize also that once I am the last one who uses the bathroom; I take the precious time for granted. I utilize as long as I like. Whereas, if someone is waiting outside to take his/her turn, I obediently do my bathroom routine a little bit faster. This simple thing I spot brings a lot of sense. Routine becomes a habitual practice and must be perceived positively. We interact with people. We interact with time. We interact with ourselves. The simple things we cannot accomplish may become barriers in handling the big steps. I think the primary stimulus that should be set for us individuals is time. We rush because of time. We need to accomplish things early because of the time. All of us have its own line of duty and responsibility wherein it highlights our personality on the way we manage our time and the way we face the challenges that we come along. So next time, I would definitely take some steps to overcome morning rush.

The song, “ten to eight” by David Castle tells a piece of experience by common employees out there who reports at 8 in the office and are often disrupted by their morning routines.

Monday, February 16, 2009

my one..

Before anything else, i would like to express my gratitude to the Almighty for guiding me to express my feelings and for all the blessings that He has given me. This day, I want to reveal something because I found out that somtimes, I have a difficulty stating a word, a name in every post I make. It is quite unnatural to feel awkward and a little bit uneasy to drop "her" name in every vibrant experience I write. Why? I really don't know. Maybe it is just an immature state of my mind. I usually associate this person to "brands" like: "special someone", "loved one"..For me, it defeats my purpose of expressing. With her, I am happy. I enjoy witnessing the simple things in life. I want to extend the positive feeling here.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Don't sabotage your relationship

"They try to distance themselves before they get dumped." According from a study, self-confidence strengthens the connectedness of a couple. Their love transcends if both persons possess the inner drive which upholds their personality as a complete being. Basically, when we are feeling down and depressed, we regain confidence through a mate's love and support. We extend ourselves and offer our time and effort to build the relationship. Unfortunately, people who suffer from low self-esteem, assume that their partners notice their glaring faults more than their positive side. Ironically, insecure people think less of their loved ones because they are afraid of rejection. They tend to believe that that their partner's love to them is conditional. Now, it all boils down to a realization that a couple with low-self esteem are at risk. Fortunately,strong and stable relationships are known to boost self-esteem. So, as the insecure person dwells onto the "love arena" with a strong partner, the less likely she is to drive him away.

Psychology Today Magazine, May/Jun 1999

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


While I was occupying myself with the thought that I am busy doing something which clearly depicts that I am not, It occurred to me that blogging now a days is a means of living(earning money) not anymore a means of sharing your personal thoughts to the world.

Or are YOU the type to visit the blog and look for the letter E?

Other blogger now will just post anything or something just for their network to know that they are still active. The phase of blogging clearly evolve from being a net thought to a net profit, but this does not hold true to some. I even knew bloggers whose sole purpose of his blog was to share his work with others, no adding of traffics whatsoever.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Living is a Privilage it is not a Right

This day and age this saying cannot be neglected because it stands through no matter what the church says so, why try to prolong the inevitable or are you saying that it is in our instinct to live? Human lives are meant to be lived fully but what if living is suffering and enduring for a certain person and he no longer wants to continue, do we have the right to say to that person that he must not end his life, wouldn't that make us hypocrites.

Humans live by the law of the fittest if you are weak you are trampled upon and if you are strong you get to do what ever you like, In short money talks in our generation.

Laws are created for the benefit of the masses but certain laws are bended for the sake of the rich. Fuck human rights and so this only works for people turning a blind eye on reality, hope is not and never given it is taken

Living is a Privilage it is not a Right
It is not up to us to live but by others...

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Coffee night for a petty one.

“Don’t stir your coffee, instead, drink it little by little and savour the variety of flavourful tastes.” That, of course, comes from a fellow who owns actually a small yet cozy internet/coffee shop. I intend to drop by with my special someone to a coffee shop and spent some time talking about matters that led us to the sarcastic world of petty quarell. The coffee was affordable and indeed, well-served. They took time to explain their product and offered some tips on how to enjoy our daily cup of coffee. The traditional saying “strike while the iron is hot” applies with the coffee also that the moment you carefully sip it, you could achieve the real zest. Some coffee taste bitter and it is quite ideal instead of adding on sugar, having chocolates or brownies would be better. It was stimulating upon knowing those simple tricks. The owner added that like the coffee, life also has its own variety of flavours, be it bitter or sweet. I dwelled on the line that he said. We keep on stirring it and managing such expectations to let it appear joyous and free from pain. We stir life/coffee in a way that we expect some favourable outcomes that during our first try/ first taste on the bitterness, we withdraw our appreciation towards the whole life/coffee. Thus, we looked for substitute, sugar and another taste-the sweeter one. We failed to realize that the sweetest of life’s sweets can only be achieved by tasting the bitterest life’s bitter. So, allow petty quarrels to add bitterness oh, I mean “spice” to the relationship.