Monday, February 9, 2009

Living is a Privilage it is not a Right

This day and age this saying cannot be neglected because it stands through no matter what the church says so, why try to prolong the inevitable or are you saying that it is in our instinct to live? Human lives are meant to be lived fully but what if living is suffering and enduring for a certain person and he no longer wants to continue, do we have the right to say to that person that he must not end his life, wouldn't that make us hypocrites.

Humans live by the law of the fittest if you are weak you are trampled upon and if you are strong you get to do what ever you like, In short money talks in our generation.

Laws are created for the benefit of the masses but certain laws are bended for the sake of the rich. Fuck human rights and so this only works for people turning a blind eye on reality, hope is not and never given it is taken

Living is a Privilage it is not a Right
It is not up to us to live but by others...

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