Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Dojo Courtesy

A black belt is just a white belt who doesn’t quit. Truly indeed it is amazing to look upon the experiences we have had with my team mates during our training. It all started when I wore my shirt and jogging pants, shouting with all my might to release the tension. The infuriating arena where I had tasted the delightful victory and the dojo where I suffered too much pain is just an insightful memory right now.
Every fighter should have his/ her own technique and every technique required discipline, determination and dedication.

Life is continuous battle. We never win unless we sharpen our own skills and venture out from our comfort zones. Our techniques in life vary, but the fuel and passion remains the same, and that’s what we call the discipline.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Learn chinese in 5 min.

This had me laughing for hours so I just got to share this one

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Kudos to you all

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Monday, September 15, 2008

A food for thought

Have you ever asked yourself why do we need to work? Common answer would be for money, but I pondered upon the thought that we are in a cycle in our life. A good example would be Mr.Right since elementary to college his been an honor student then lands a good paying job, finds a wife and has family. He then tells his son to study hard so that he will also have a good paying job and so on, the cycle repeats itself never ending. In this cycle only a handful of individual, not to escape, can go beyond it and those individuals are those who risk for what they strongly believe in.

That is life, we may never know what will happen and here's a few for those who are going to work

Sunday, September 14, 2008

A minute vacation by Mr. Cup

How do you like your coffee to be, hot or cold?

I start my day with the gentle flow of water and a peaceful sound it makes. Rays from the sun slowly envelopes the four corners of the room making it look like a grand opening of a concert sonata. The ticking sound I hear from the knob turning, sets the mode of a peaceful morning. I am gradually basked by the granules of coffee beans and some lumps of sugar, releasing a sweet aroma in the air. The graceful motion being made by the spoon slowly unifies the agents of myself making me full. Then a sudden change in my surroundings as if my whole body is being lifted. I gainfully lose every time a sip is made, and I am puzzled why the moment is being savored? Is it because a part from me is taken or is it a part of me is accepted?
As the end of the day, i feel empty and then again i start a new.

The story I made is a daily reflection of our life. I prefer my coffee hot.

Monday, September 8, 2008

University chapel

One of my unforgettable places in the University, where I studied, is the chapel. I used to attend mass every 5:00 in the afternoon before entering my next class. I am an altar server and at the same time a lector. It all began when I became a member of the Campus Liturgical Ministry.
The chapel can accommodate 200 people where most of them are “Ateneans” and Alumni of the school. It has become the place wherein we are given the time to recollect with our classmates before, friends and even our mentors. But this holy place also serves as the silent sanctuary where we can recollect with ourselves.
Also, the highlights of the physical structure of the chapel are the stained glass wall. Naturally, images of Jesus Christ and the Blessed Virgin Mary is shown on the glass, but what makes it more creative is that images of some important persons who have contributed so much in the university, for example, the Jesuit community, professors, priests, etc. were also painted on the glass.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


The observable, gigantic alien we were holding in the picture weighs more or less 40 kgs. It was our Intramurals and each class had to prepare something exceptional. We decided to make a mascot that would be naturally bigger than a size of a human being. For us, something huge could help us gain recognition. During the first day of making the “giant alien”, I was there planning about the materials to be used and the design. The making of the skeleton, which was the first thing we did, went well because we could actually figure out the envisioned design.

The night before the parade, was the most crucial one, and I was not present during that time because it was our rehearsal for cheering competition (quite hectic huh? Hehe). So, I could not view the finished product on how it looked like.

Early morning, all of the students gathered around in the park with their different costumes and props. Our class was remarkably the most colourful in the crowd. I became quite puzzled because some of my classmates were laughing when I decided to carry the huge mascot. When I held it using my two arms, I deliberately held a loud laugh! Gosh! It was very, very heavy!

The mistake was that the materials used were not appropriate. What made it really funny was that, we already assigned one person who would hold the mascot, but the plan had changed since it weighed just like an ordinary person. So, the boys assisted in carrying the cross, I mean the mascot (hehe) along the highway up to the school.
We bitterly enjoyed the parade! Hep-Hep..Hooray

Monday, September 1, 2008


"Charmus eklavum powerness kaboom!The propagation of Gay Lingo is unstoppable. In fact even my real men friends know a bit (hehe). They say that it takes intelligence to understand this medium. It is a little bit puzzling at first but as you go along with the conversation, you would encounter a “laugh out loud” experience.
Here are some revealed lines:

  1. Anik / Anetch — ano (what) /
  2. whichBalaj — balahura (shameless)
  3. Bitter Ocampo — malungkot (sad) / nagngingitngit (fuming mad) / bitterBaklah / Baklush — used instead of one’s name, may refer to any genderGivency /
  4. Janno Gibbs / Debbie Gibson — bigay (to give)
  5. That’s Entertainment / Anda / Andalucia / Anju / Anjo Yllaña — datung (money)Fatale — sobra (excessive) /
  6. to the maxFeel / Fillet o’ Fish — type / gusto / natipuhan (like)
  7. Fly — alis (leave)
  8. Forever — palagi (always) / matagal / mabagal (slow)
  9. Pagoda Cold Wave Lotion — pagod (tired)
  10. Washington / Wishing / Wish — wala (nothing or none)
  11. Chanda Romero — tiyan (tummy)
  12. Mahalia Jackson — mahal (expensive)
  13. Kuya Germs — madumi (dirty) / bearer of germs
  14. Lucresia Kasilag — lukaret / baliw (crazy)
  15. Lucita Soriano — loser na sorry pa
  16. Luz Valdez — matalo (to lose)
  17. Winnie Santos — manalo (to win)
  18. Award — pinagalitan / pinagsabihan (reprimanded)
  19. Freestyle — slow makagets (to understand) / slowImbey /
  20. Im — imbyerna (irritation)
  21. Jowa / Jowabelles / Jowabella — karelasyon / BF or GFKape /
  22. Capuccino / Coffeemate — magising ka sa katotohanan (be realistic)
  23. Lupita Kashiwahara — malupit (cruel)
  24. Rita Gomez — nakaka-irita (irritating personality)
  25. Enter the Dragon / Entourage — pasok (to enter) / come in
  26. Julie Andrew / Jolina Magdangal — mahuli (caught in the act)
  27. Antibiotic — antipatika (bitch)
  28. 48 Years / 50 Golden Years / 10,000 — matagal (after a long time)
  29. Crayola — iyak (to cry)
  30. Thundercats / Chandeliers / Masyonda — matanda (old people)
  31. Wrangler — gurang (also means old)
  32. Jubis / Juba — taba (fatso)
  33. Jutay / Jutes — maliit (small)
  34. Kangkang — sex
  35. Reyna Elena — ulan (to rain)
  36. X-Men — dating lalaki (formerly a man) now gay
  37. Morayta / Murriah Carrey — mura (cheap)
  38. Pamintang Durog / Pamenthols — closet gays / acting as men
  39. Backstreet Boys — cute boys at the back
  40. Chiminey Cricket — chimay (maid)
  41. Goodbye Suklay — goodbye
  42. Fayatollah Kumenis — payat (skinny)
  43. Anaconda — ahas (a snake) / traitor
  44. Anong petsa na? — asked when someone is taking too long to dress up,
  45. Charing/Tienes — jest / a joke / not serious
  46. Kaplang — mali (error) / mistake
  47. Barbra Streisand / Barbara Perez — bara / binara (bluntly rejected)
  48. Regal Drama Hour / Maalala Mo Kaya — when someone tells a sob story_______, ikaw ba yan? — when someone acts like anotherperson, maybe a showbiz personality or not. (example: Vilma Santos, Ikaw Ba yan?)
  49. Purita Kalaw — walang pera (broke) / mahirap (poor)
  50. Rica Peralejo — mayaman (rich, from the Spanish word rica)
  51. Chova / Chovaline Kyle — chika lang (small talk)
  52. Cookie Chua / Cookie Monster — magluto (to cook)
  53. Clasmarurut / Klasmarurut — classmate
  54. Cynthia Luster — hindi kilalang babae o lalake (unknown she or he)
  55. Daot — insulto (insult)Eksena / Eksenadora — mahilig pumapel / mahilig sumabat (someone who always likes to figure in a scene)
  56. Emote — mag-inarte pa rin (one who is over-acting)
  57. Karir/Career — sineryoso ang isang bagay like BF or work (to be seriously involved)
  58. Lafang — kain (eat)
  59. Lapel — malakas ang boses (someone with a loud voice)
  60. Carry / Keri / Cash & Carry — sige (OK or alright)
  61. Cathy Dennis — “makati” (frisky) or promiscuous
  62. Char / Charot / Charing / Charbroiled — not ok
  63. Liberty / Statue of Liberty — libre (free)
  64. Okray — paninirang puri (criticize)
  65. Lucky Home Partner — live-in partner
  66. In Fairness — pampalubag loob (to console)
  67. Compared to Lugaw — kesa wala (better than nothing)

I recommend to print this article and keep it in your pocket. This would also serve as a translation booklet (hehe).

Source: http://www.bangag.com/kwentuhan-kalokohan

The cheapest book

When the book has marked down its price, the content and the expression of the persona and author stays the same. It really is a blissful state of Nirvana to some artists who have passed away yet their works of art such as paintings and songs still lives in the horizon and continues to linger in the minds of individuals.

I am accustomed to drop by to a bookstore whenever I am in a mall. I find it very refreshing and stimulating when I indulge myself to a one-minute scanning per book, hoping to discover some interesting facts and word of thoughts. One of my “fruitful” encounters with the books was the time I challenged myself to search for the cheapest one inside the National Bookstore. I managed to dwell in the “bargain” section for almost 2 hours just to have the book I was looking for. Most of the prices were between 100 up 250 Php, but that did not make me to stop. I knew that underneath the pile of books, lays this little book screaming constantly to be heard and noticed (or even screaming his price!).Finally, after a couple of hours, I found one book. Yes! It’s very handy it only costs 10 Php! (imagine, original price is 369 Php)

The Pocket Enneagram by Helen Palmer is a book about understanding the 9 types of People namely the Perfectionist, Giver, Performer, Tragic Romantic, Observer, Trooper, Epicure, Boss and Mediator. With the aid of this book, I am hoping that I could find the “cheapest” part of my personality which I have taken for granted. I fear that I would reach the adulthood without realizing my own identity. For now, I have to read and digest this cheapest book (yet stimulating) I have bought.

The water boy

It was a vast array of vibrant scenery. As I saw the magnificent work of the Divine Creator, I decided quickly to pose and have a picture with this kind of masterpiece. The flow of the water was intensely grabbing my soul to plunge in to it, while my friends were acting like little children without their parent’s around watching them (that includes me..hehe). I think the best word that I could associate into such kind of experience is, PEACE. My delightful voice echoed around in the atmosphere and my gentle satisfaction ignited my spirit to behold the wonders of Mother Nature.

My thoughts sent me to some kind of a higher consciousness that indeed, like the water, we could be free. Our capacity to interact in the world would strongly and naturally suggest that we should propagate our inner desires in life. Like the water, we could freely flow through the vastness of river and are strong enough to meet the rocky road of wilderness.