Wednesday, November 25, 2009

one shot

A time to play for a child is precious. It builds the force and strength within oneself not only physically but also emotionally. Be it in town or in the urban setting, the mind of a child is very free to imagine the things that he/she wants to be.

This picture shows the early form of art that is being unleashed by a child. With one's creativity and curiosity, the dream to play and to enjoy has actually been materialized.

Simple as it may seem, but this basketball ring unfolds some potential character of a child that would bring him/her towards the track of vision and keeping an eye to that vision.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Imago dei

Too many times, I encountered this evil nature within me. I know that, within this being it strongly casts the emotions that promote personal insecurity, fear and deception. Our old sinful nature which is Satan’s access, somehow, tempts us to cling on to what we call “human nature”. The weaknesses inside has become my stumbling block in every relationship I have.
Often times, I base my security on the opinion and acceptance of others. When I feel rejected and unloved, I become insecure and perceive the strengths of other people as threats to my own well being.
Sometimes, I tend to cultivate insecurity and jealousy by constantly perceiving a threat that in reality does not exist. Due to the lies I believe about others and myself, my perception towards life is distorted.

I know that I have to turn to God through His Word to remind me once again of His unfailing love and acceptance. Through prayer, reflection and active engagement with Him , I will be able to uplift myself as a being in His own image and likeness. Imago dei.

Monday, November 2, 2009

My 31st visit

Finally, I came to a standpoint where I exhaled my last breath of doubt. It was a tough thing for me to enter the dragon and meet the parents. The seemingly 50 first dates and forbidden kingdom have made me realize that amidst those long wanderings in the mountain of Black Forest, all of them were part of the long way to their highness. Indeed, it was a tough battle within and outside forces that it took me weeks to formulate the concrete decision and how to modify the traditional ways of visiting my one and only.

The traditional ways have been toppled by surprises and magnificence of proper timing. The simplicity of gift that was accompanied by angelic greetings that fit the simple ambience of close family ties. The unexpected friendliness and positive aura I have encountered inhibited my suspicious and negative mind.

Within my soul, and beneath my courage, I know that there’s this blissful state tells me to be more patient and humble in taking this path called love.