Monday, November 9, 2009

Imago dei

Too many times, I encountered this evil nature within me. I know that, within this being it strongly casts the emotions that promote personal insecurity, fear and deception. Our old sinful nature which is Satan’s access, somehow, tempts us to cling on to what we call “human nature”. The weaknesses inside has become my stumbling block in every relationship I have.
Often times, I base my security on the opinion and acceptance of others. When I feel rejected and unloved, I become insecure and perceive the strengths of other people as threats to my own well being.
Sometimes, I tend to cultivate insecurity and jealousy by constantly perceiving a threat that in reality does not exist. Due to the lies I believe about others and myself, my perception towards life is distorted.

I know that I have to turn to God through His Word to remind me once again of His unfailing love and acceptance. Through prayer, reflection and active engagement with Him , I will be able to uplift myself as a being in His own image and likeness. Imago dei.


Toby said...

I read your blog post. I don't have a blog or spend time reading others', but I came across yours doing a search on "unfailing love".

I just want to say that you really blessed me. Your post is so honest and describe such a deep struggle that many of us, though we don't like to admit it, wrestle with all the time.

It can cause for us to feel so ashamed and as you said, "distort" our view of life.

Yet, we must keep in mind, that although we are striving for perfection, we aren't perfect. Psalm 103 reminds us that G-d knows that we're weak, and made of dust. His mercy and compassion don't rely on us, they are constant, and He's always ready to extend these to us unabashedly.

What a G-d we have!

Thanks for sharing your heart, brother.

francis ko said...

tnx brother toby..yes, we aren't perfect but the only perfect in us, is the ability to love.