Monday, November 2, 2009

My 31st visit

Finally, I came to a standpoint where I exhaled my last breath of doubt. It was a tough thing for me to enter the dragon and meet the parents. The seemingly 50 first dates and forbidden kingdom have made me realize that amidst those long wanderings in the mountain of Black Forest, all of them were part of the long way to their highness. Indeed, it was a tough battle within and outside forces that it took me weeks to formulate the concrete decision and how to modify the traditional ways of visiting my one and only.

The traditional ways have been toppled by surprises and magnificence of proper timing. The simplicity of gift that was accompanied by angelic greetings that fit the simple ambience of close family ties. The unexpected friendliness and positive aura I have encountered inhibited my suspicious and negative mind.

Within my soul, and beneath my courage, I know that there’s this blissful state tells me to be more patient and humble in taking this path called love.

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