Sunday, August 9, 2009

Linking Subject matters

In my attempt to prepare my report about conflict management, I came across with different matters concerning Organizational management. Going beyond the bird's eye view of conflict, I encountered the five types of interaction in dealing conflict in workplace. The importance of the interaction to goal attainment and the degree of goal compatibility are the key factors in assessing the situation. Conflict between people acting as individuals and people acting as representatives of groups can be analyzed in terms of relationship among the goals they represent. Reactions to conflict are avoidance, accommodation, compromise, competition and collaboration. Mentioning about collaboration, this is one of the pillars that is being discussed in my research study.
Because of the subtopic about collaboration, i have extended my vision on how to create my research design. It was stated that collaboration occurs when the interaction between groups is very important to goal attainment and the goals that each level in an organization represents are compatible. Collaborative relationships can lead to new and innovative ideas and solutions if properly aligned with International Standards that the company implements. I am optimistic that my research proposal is measurable and realistic since it focus on the impact of Quality Management System to the levels of organization.

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