Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I am having a guilty conscience. I am looking for an escape form this miserable mode. In fact, the most painful part of hurting somebody you love is when you realized how shallow you are after she opens your eyes to the flip side of the matter. She then forgives you and it seems that she forgets everything at all. The sweet moment starts again, and the nice words you hear from her do not diminish your guilt but intensify instead. Why did I do such thing? Why did I act that way? And you suddenly look her in the eyes and she says, “I’m sorry for the cold treatment.” Now I really believe that the most effective way to injure a person who has hurt you is to forgive him (and treat him nicely). Forgiveness is crucial but it is of our own personal way on how we align forgiveness: To be divine or to be human.
I’m sorry for making you feel that way. I miss you.


Thursday, November 27, 2008


Intoxication makes us pure. Someone said this line but unfortunately I can’t remember. This line emphasizes the unfathomable reason why there are some people tend to use the influence of liquor just to vent out the very core of their feelings. Common experiences tell us that usually, some are very brave enough to point out their insecurities and problems in life when they suddenly feel the sensational blast caused by alcohol. During this mode of conversation, people unmask their faces and express what they really feel. They become victors in their own melancholic state and they possess the guts to dwell in some painful events. Emotional indeed but in this very unnatural state, clutters and other forms of unlocked feelings are being expelled and cast out in a seemingly natural way. The depths of our soul are being blocked by pretensions and fake identity. Nevertheless, we take some moments to somehow, ease the burden and deliver the bitterness of life.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

versions of love

Early this morning, I was looking for a piece of paper that contains my initial schedule for next week. I scanned all my folders and books on my table hoping that I had just inserted it through the pages. As I was flipping the pages in one of the books, a funny article triggered my interest instantly. It all started with the line: “Love is a matter of perspective.” It is funny in a way that it stated different versions of love.
The original version: Used to be this:
If you love something, Set it free…
If it comes back, it’s yours, if it doesn’t; it never was yours in the first place.

If you love somebody, Set her free…
If she ever comes back, she’s yours, If she doesn’t, well, as expected, she never was.

If you love somebody, Set her free…
Don’t worry, she will come back.

If you love somebody, Set her free…
If she comes back, ask her why.

If you love somebody, Set her free…
If she doesn’t come back within time limit, forget her.

If you love somebody, Set her free…
If she doesn’t come back, continue to wait until she comes back.

If you love somebody, Set her free…
If she doesn’t come back, and if you love her still, set her free again, repeat

If you love somebody, Set her free…
Clause 1a of Paragraph 13 a-1 in the second amendment of the Matrimonial Freedom Act clearly states that…

If you love somebody, Set her free…
If she loves you, the probability of her coming back is high.
If she doesn’t, your relationship was improbable anyway.

If you love somebody, set her free…instantaneously…and look for others simultaneously.

If you love somebody, set her free…
If she comes back, her super ego is dominant. If she doesn’t come back, her IO is supreme. If she doesn’t go, she must be crazy.

If you love somebody, set her free..
If she doesn’t come back, it’s time to look for fresh loans. If she doesn’t, write her off as asset gone bad.

If you love somebody, Set her free…
If she comes back, she has brand loyalty. If she doesn’t reposition the brand in new markets.


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

fear vs. courage

There are some people who appear to be invulnerable and very confident. They exude an aura of immensity wherein they share their dreams and mentality in facing their life. I realized that maybe, they keep their fears to themselves and they share their courage with others. I find this act a noble one. Being positive in dealing with circumstances and helping each other unlock imprisoned potentials is a great way in nurturing relationship. In a game, for example, a coach imparts opportunities instead of infusing some fears to the team. A good teacher promotes hard work rather than centering the attention of the students to failures and frustrations. The common fear factor we possess can be eliminated by the uncommon courage we should develop. We have the power

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

We don't have to survive.

Sometimes we just don’t have to survive. We are born fighters and we have the instinct to try to survive. If a fighter’s number one goal is to survive, he can no longer be free to deliver his best technique. It eats away their goal to succeed and to win the fight. The desire to survive keeps us at a mediocre level. One survival tactic I’ve ever seen is when a martial artist constantly delivers blows without proper coordination and accuracy. He never considers the timing and momentum or the weaknesses of the opponent. He has the “I want to stay alive at any cost” attitude. When he is suddenly pinned down, he struggles to get away from the holds and locks. He throws punches and elbow strikes even if it not needed. The same thing applies to the other fighter whose expertise is on ground pinning. He has the mind-set of: “I have to pin him down right away to avoid the blows.” There are a lot of techniques and the best way is to apply it to the weak spot of the opponent. I am not saying that a jiu-jitsu fighter must face a muay thai fighter in standing, blow by blow combat or a karateka fighting a judoka in a submission-type position, but the point here is that a true fighter is willing to accept the pain and the percentage that one is willing to give up during the fight.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Maintain and Develop

Maintenance and Development uphold a strategic quality management system. Eventhough a company has established already a particular management system, it is still absolutely necessary to monitor, control and develop new systems. Likewise, it is encouraged that trainings should be conducted among employees to widen their knowledge and to advance their skills. An effective way to continuous development in a certain organization is to follow the P-D-C-A approach(Plan, Do, Control, Act). In this process, the established system is being monitored by a series of audits to gather results and findings. Non-conformances are addressed by applying corrective actions to control the quality of the output and product. Both internal and external customers take part in assessing the effectivity and efficiency of the system the fact that they are all part of the whole assembly line. Thus, aquiring a management system is not enough for it has to become a culture within an organization.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Real Person Award

Thanks to Dylan: the way of the son of the sea for the Award! I am surprised and amazed for this bighearted, Marie Antoinette Award.

Here are the Rules for the Award:

1. Please put the logo on your blog
2. Place a link to the person from whom you received the award
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I nominate the following...
shengy's delight

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Lately I was tasked by my boss to research about JPEPA. I don't even know what this stands for, but as I read the details in the internet, it made me draw some conclusions. JPEPA- Japan-Philppine Economic Partnership Agreement encompasses the reduction of barriers to products such as bananas and it also aspires to facilitate the movement of Filipino nurses and caregivers to aging society. There are a lot of viewa from different sectors-migrant groups, NGOs, Philippine Nurse Association, etc. Since we export banana to Japan, we are affected to this ratified agreement. Most of bananas from our region are exported through an "intermediary" (Japanese companies). One party commented that these companies and their contract to growers and affiliates will benefit from the lowered tariff under JPEPA but not the farmers. There are some loopholes in this agreement wherein our country will be held into a detrimental state. Environmental Hazards are also pointed out that by removing tariffs, it would allow Japan to export here some items containing "environmentally sensitive products deemed potentially hazardous to health and environment." With this, I am grateful that I learned something this morning.

what i want..?

Appreciating little things in life usually leads us to attachments. When we ask for something, whether big or small, we need to appreciate it and love it in order for us to be in the right track. Asking for something should be well stated in our own ways. Unfortunately there are some people who don't even know what they want in life. Even in little ways we need to materialize or realize what we want really in life. If we're given a chance to have an ambush interview with somebody inside a mall,and ask them: "what do you want in life?" What would be their answer? Commonly/supposedly, a lot would answer:" uhmmm, to be happy??" That's just an odd impression of mine. My point is that we have the power to decide. It's innate within us and we have the power to reach for it. With that power, little things, little dreams, can become big in some ways.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


In this practical world of reality called life, we influence other people in many ways. We, as prime movers, we need to interact in order to nurture relationship. For all we know, the people we meet in our way up will (hopefully)be there in times when we are down. We need to surround ourselves with people who are encouragers. They bolster up our courage and lighten up the burden. Surrounding ourselves with friends who are encouragers is the best way to pull ourselves from discouragement. They provide churva and helps you forget the chaka. Also, we have to be an encourager to ourselves.


"Look at me mom...I am number one.." Sounds familiar? When was the last time that we said this line to our mom? For us teenagers,(ehem..),employees, we normally go home past 6 and sometimes, we eat our meals alone. But what makes my mother special is that, until now, she cooks our meals especially, the most important- breakfast. I realized how much she loves us. The food she prepares on the table is the highlight of her role that she silently portrays. The blissful state of having her at home, in my life is indescribable. I am a hypocrite in a sense that..I can't remember when was the time that I said those "words."
I am hungry right now and I am happy that my meal for tonight, for sure, is already cooked. Isn't that amazing to note some of the simple things that are offered especially at home?

Monday, November 10, 2008

Sir yes boss!

I don't know if my usual rection towards a scrutiny from a boss is normal. Everytime he calls my name, it's just like having my turn for the 2nd time circumcision. I tend to prepare some answers that would ease the tension of interrogation. For me, there are 2 types of interrogation: Standing and sitting. It would just take 10 minutes in a standing type of interrogation, wherein I look like a soldier in a "parade rest" position. My usual remedy to this is prayer(that I may rememeber the details that has been transpired last meeting, last planning, last presentation, last....). Then, you would be hesitant to ask: "Sir, is that all?" , because there's a long pause and all you could hear is his mighty fingers touching the keyboard of his laptop. So, all I have to do..is to wait (and be patient). The second type, the sitting position, is like having a visit to your doctor. You would be constantly asked about the update and information regarding the activities and reports submitted by different people in the organization. The technique here, is to avoid painting the stars in the sky but rather, give the negative information as possible. Relating good news (based on my experience), wouldn't really brighten up their morning. This would naturally lasts for 30 mins.... long enough to extract all the necessary information and to find out whether you're lying or not.Moral lesson: never, never, deviate information..or worst case is conceal some news-Good or Bad.)
Nevertheless, I find this experience challenging and a big thing inside my room for improvement.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Star fish

Sea stars can be considered one of the friendly creatures in the sea. In fact, when we are in the beach, we often look for starfish during low tide. Its artistic design really touches my curiosity. What kind of evolution pattern do they undergo in order to arrive in a star-like structure? Another thing which is magnificent about them, is that, they are able to regenerate lost arm. Some said that it is edible, others prefer to have it as a decoration. I don't think that there is a certain law that prohibits catching of starfish but I firmly believe that we must take actions that are beneficial to the environment. Being vigilant about the laws is not enough for we have also to take part in the preservation/ conservation of our natural resources.

Monday, November 3, 2008


Because of the strong force and bright light that engulfed my conscience, I began writing again. I got sick last week and hopefully I've got my energy recharged including my seasonal, moody brain cells. For the record, I was not able to forget all those pending reports and presentations on my table and including those in the computer. My apetite is back and I found out that I easily get hungry. I am craving for heavy meals and delightfully delicious foods, reasons unknown, whereas before I would just satisfy my cravings over a cup of coffee only. Why is this so? This is the quest that I haven't taken before. It has been 5 years that I have been maintaining my weight. Maybe, I have been doing a lot of exercise or because of the metabolic activity of my body that influences my built. I have to stick with this new routine- to eat and have enough sleep. So, balance the blog life and have a healthy lifestyle.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Audit passed

The auditor became the auditee. That was the scenario last tuesday, during our trip in one of the company's plantations. Auditors from different companies spent time extracting some findings regarding the good manufacturing and agricultural practices applied in all operations. At first, we were a little bit reluctant in answering the questions. As internal auditors in the company, we efficiently adjusted with their "gentle scrutiny." We're very happy upon knowing that we passed the said audit.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Consumer's TRUST

It is imperative in an exporting company to provide a management system that would uphold quality, corporate social responsibility, environmental concern and health and safety of workers. Likewise, it makes a certain company to be globally competitive in the world market when it comes to quality assurance. Philippines is the primary exporter of banana in Japan. Needless to say, Japanese are very meticulous in choosing their food to be consumed and that also tells that buyers abroad are demanding a guarantee of safe food. A proactive approach is to align the company to international standards. Adhering to International Standards strengthens relationship between the exporting company and consumers all over the world. The zenith which companies should reach is the apex of consumer’s trust. They have to plan, develop, control and act along the challenging years of challenges and opportunities.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Thursday, October 9, 2008

In the eyes of a baby

A baby can see more than we might think. It is fascinating to know that babies, even newly born, have already visual abilities. In fact, their experiences are just like similar to the vision of an adult wherein they are able to distinguish the internal features of the face such as eyes, nose and mouth. By 4 to 5 months of age, they can actually recognize his/her mother’s face from all others in the world. The eyes brain and body of a baby, as we all know, undergo dramatic increase in physical size, and that suggests that parents should preserve the accuracy of their babies’ vision during the first year of life.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

2nd Mindanao Bloggers Summit

This event spotlights the prowess of people who are into the arena of on-line journal called blog. It captures the creativity of the youth that has the inner sense of expressing what they feel and believe. Now, the time has come to pool the talents and knowledge and to discover more about blogging.

I am very excited that it will be held in General Santos City and I am anticipating that this event will be productive and stimulating.

To all bloggers..., see you there!

NOKIA (Philippines), Inc.
Mayor Pedro B. Acharon, Jr.
Congresswoman Darlene Antonino-Custodio
ABS-CBN Regional Network Group
Mindanao Bloggers
Bariles Republic

ACLC-Skeptron Ventures, Inc.
Gregoria Printing Press

Asia United Bank
NoKiAHOST.COM - P5/day Philippines Webhosting
Family Country Hotel & Convention Center
East Asia Royale Hotel

GensanSALE.COM - AnyThings for Sale in Gensan
Blogging from Home Book
Pacific Seas Seafood Market
Shalom-Crest Wizard Academy
Generals Logimark Exponent
Prints and You
Sta. Cruz Seafood, Inc.
Dellosa Design Builders, Inc.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Missing someone during working hours is like having a haircut with restrained reflexes to answer an urgent text to a vibrating cell phone (inside the pocket). In the middle of the rush due to some reports to be finalized and budgets to be followed up, the inevitable thoughts of missing somebody do occur. It could be the interval of shifting from next file to another that leads me to wander for a while. Truly, it is a sure-fire way to avoid being a zombie in the workplace.
Having a one minute vacation with your loved ones is therapeutic indeed.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Dojo Courtesy

A black belt is just a white belt who doesn’t quit. Truly indeed it is amazing to look upon the experiences we have had with my team mates during our training. It all started when I wore my shirt and jogging pants, shouting with all my might to release the tension. The infuriating arena where I had tasted the delightful victory and the dojo where I suffered too much pain is just an insightful memory right now.
Every fighter should have his/ her own technique and every technique required discipline, determination and dedication.

Life is continuous battle. We never win unless we sharpen our own skills and venture out from our comfort zones. Our techniques in life vary, but the fuel and passion remains the same, and that’s what we call the discipline.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Learn chinese in 5 min.

This had me laughing for hours so I just got to share this one

Oh and Thank you for the people who are visiting my blog

Kudos to you all

edit: I don't know why but every time I try to change the image size its still the same (oh well) just click the image to get a better view

Monday, September 15, 2008

A food for thought

Have you ever asked yourself why do we need to work? Common answer would be for money, but I pondered upon the thought that we are in a cycle in our life. A good example would be Mr.Right since elementary to college his been an honor student then lands a good paying job, finds a wife and has family. He then tells his son to study hard so that he will also have a good paying job and so on, the cycle repeats itself never ending. In this cycle only a handful of individual, not to escape, can go beyond it and those individuals are those who risk for what they strongly believe in.

That is life, we may never know what will happen and here's a few for those who are going to work

Sunday, September 14, 2008

A minute vacation by Mr. Cup

How do you like your coffee to be, hot or cold?

I start my day with the gentle flow of water and a peaceful sound it makes. Rays from the sun slowly envelopes the four corners of the room making it look like a grand opening of a concert sonata. The ticking sound I hear from the knob turning, sets the mode of a peaceful morning. I am gradually basked by the granules of coffee beans and some lumps of sugar, releasing a sweet aroma in the air. The graceful motion being made by the spoon slowly unifies the agents of myself making me full. Then a sudden change in my surroundings as if my whole body is being lifted. I gainfully lose every time a sip is made, and I am puzzled why the moment is being savored? Is it because a part from me is taken or is it a part of me is accepted?
As the end of the day, i feel empty and then again i start a new.

The story I made is a daily reflection of our life. I prefer my coffee hot.

Monday, September 8, 2008

University chapel

One of my unforgettable places in the University, where I studied, is the chapel. I used to attend mass every 5:00 in the afternoon before entering my next class. I am an altar server and at the same time a lector. It all began when I became a member of the Campus Liturgical Ministry.
The chapel can accommodate 200 people where most of them are “Ateneans” and Alumni of the school. It has become the place wherein we are given the time to recollect with our classmates before, friends and even our mentors. But this holy place also serves as the silent sanctuary where we can recollect with ourselves.
Also, the highlights of the physical structure of the chapel are the stained glass wall. Naturally, images of Jesus Christ and the Blessed Virgin Mary is shown on the glass, but what makes it more creative is that images of some important persons who have contributed so much in the university, for example, the Jesuit community, professors, priests, etc. were also painted on the glass.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


The observable, gigantic alien we were holding in the picture weighs more or less 40 kgs. It was our Intramurals and each class had to prepare something exceptional. We decided to make a mascot that would be naturally bigger than a size of a human being. For us, something huge could help us gain recognition. During the first day of making the “giant alien”, I was there planning about the materials to be used and the design. The making of the skeleton, which was the first thing we did, went well because we could actually figure out the envisioned design.

The night before the parade, was the most crucial one, and I was not present during that time because it was our rehearsal for cheering competition (quite hectic huh? Hehe). So, I could not view the finished product on how it looked like.

Early morning, all of the students gathered around in the park with their different costumes and props. Our class was remarkably the most colourful in the crowd. I became quite puzzled because some of my classmates were laughing when I decided to carry the huge mascot. When I held it using my two arms, I deliberately held a loud laugh! Gosh! It was very, very heavy!

The mistake was that the materials used were not appropriate. What made it really funny was that, we already assigned one person who would hold the mascot, but the plan had changed since it weighed just like an ordinary person. So, the boys assisted in carrying the cross, I mean the mascot (hehe) along the highway up to the school.
We bitterly enjoyed the parade! Hep-Hep..Hooray

Monday, September 1, 2008


"Charmus eklavum powerness kaboom!The propagation of Gay Lingo is unstoppable. In fact even my real men friends know a bit (hehe). They say that it takes intelligence to understand this medium. It is a little bit puzzling at first but as you go along with the conversation, you would encounter a “laugh out loud” experience.
Here are some revealed lines:

  1. Anik / Anetch — ano (what) /
  2. whichBalaj — balahura (shameless)
  3. Bitter Ocampo — malungkot (sad) / nagngingitngit (fuming mad) / bitterBaklah / Baklush — used instead of one’s name, may refer to any genderGivency /
  4. Janno Gibbs / Debbie Gibson — bigay (to give)
  5. That’s Entertainment / Anda / Andalucia / Anju / Anjo Yllaña — datung (money)Fatale — sobra (excessive) /
  6. to the maxFeel / Fillet o’ Fish — type / gusto / natipuhan (like)
  7. Fly — alis (leave)
  8. Forever — palagi (always) / matagal / mabagal (slow)
  9. Pagoda Cold Wave Lotion — pagod (tired)
  10. Washington / Wishing / Wish — wala (nothing or none)
  11. Chanda Romero — tiyan (tummy)
  12. Mahalia Jackson — mahal (expensive)
  13. Kuya Germs — madumi (dirty) / bearer of germs
  14. Lucresia Kasilag — lukaret / baliw (crazy)
  15. Lucita Soriano — loser na sorry pa
  16. Luz Valdez — matalo (to lose)
  17. Winnie Santos — manalo (to win)
  18. Award — pinagalitan / pinagsabihan (reprimanded)
  19. Freestyle — slow makagets (to understand) / slowImbey /
  20. Im — imbyerna (irritation)
  21. Jowa / Jowabelles / Jowabella — karelasyon / BF or GFKape /
  22. Capuccino / Coffeemate — magising ka sa katotohanan (be realistic)
  23. Lupita Kashiwahara — malupit (cruel)
  24. Rita Gomez — nakaka-irita (irritating personality)
  25. Enter the Dragon / Entourage — pasok (to enter) / come in
  26. Julie Andrew / Jolina Magdangal — mahuli (caught in the act)
  27. Antibiotic — antipatika (bitch)
  28. 48 Years / 50 Golden Years / 10,000 — matagal (after a long time)
  29. Crayola — iyak (to cry)
  30. Thundercats / Chandeliers / Masyonda — matanda (old people)
  31. Wrangler — gurang (also means old)
  32. Jubis / Juba — taba (fatso)
  33. Jutay / Jutes — maliit (small)
  34. Kangkang — sex
  35. Reyna Elena — ulan (to rain)
  36. X-Men — dating lalaki (formerly a man) now gay
  37. Morayta / Murriah Carrey — mura (cheap)
  38. Pamintang Durog / Pamenthols — closet gays / acting as men
  39. Backstreet Boys — cute boys at the back
  40. Chiminey Cricket — chimay (maid)
  41. Goodbye Suklay — goodbye
  42. Fayatollah Kumenis — payat (skinny)
  43. Anaconda — ahas (a snake) / traitor
  44. Anong petsa na? — asked when someone is taking too long to dress up,
  45. Charing/Tienes — jest / a joke / not serious
  46. Kaplang — mali (error) / mistake
  47. Barbra Streisand / Barbara Perez — bara / binara (bluntly rejected)
  48. Regal Drama Hour / Maalala Mo Kaya — when someone tells a sob story_______, ikaw ba yan? — when someone acts like anotherperson, maybe a showbiz personality or not. (example: Vilma Santos, Ikaw Ba yan?)
  49. Purita Kalaw — walang pera (broke) / mahirap (poor)
  50. Rica Peralejo — mayaman (rich, from the Spanish word rica)
  51. Chova / Chovaline Kyle — chika lang (small talk)
  52. Cookie Chua / Cookie Monster — magluto (to cook)
  53. Clasmarurut / Klasmarurut — classmate
  54. Cynthia Luster — hindi kilalang babae o lalake (unknown she or he)
  55. Daot — insulto (insult)Eksena / Eksenadora — mahilig pumapel / mahilig sumabat (someone who always likes to figure in a scene)
  56. Emote — mag-inarte pa rin (one who is over-acting)
  57. Karir/Career — sineryoso ang isang bagay like BF or work (to be seriously involved)
  58. Lafang — kain (eat)
  59. Lapel — malakas ang boses (someone with a loud voice)
  60. Carry / Keri / Cash & Carry — sige (OK or alright)
  61. Cathy Dennis — “makati” (frisky) or promiscuous
  62. Char / Charot / Charing / Charbroiled — not ok
  63. Liberty / Statue of Liberty — libre (free)
  64. Okray — paninirang puri (criticize)
  65. Lucky Home Partner — live-in partner
  66. In Fairness — pampalubag loob (to console)
  67. Compared to Lugaw — kesa wala (better than nothing)

I recommend to print this article and keep it in your pocket. This would also serve as a translation booklet (hehe).

Source: http://www.bangag.com/kwentuhan-kalokohan

The cheapest book

When the book has marked down its price, the content and the expression of the persona and author stays the same. It really is a blissful state of Nirvana to some artists who have passed away yet their works of art such as paintings and songs still lives in the horizon and continues to linger in the minds of individuals.

I am accustomed to drop by to a bookstore whenever I am in a mall. I find it very refreshing and stimulating when I indulge myself to a one-minute scanning per book, hoping to discover some interesting facts and word of thoughts. One of my “fruitful” encounters with the books was the time I challenged myself to search for the cheapest one inside the National Bookstore. I managed to dwell in the “bargain” section for almost 2 hours just to have the book I was looking for. Most of the prices were between 100 up 250 Php, but that did not make me to stop. I knew that underneath the pile of books, lays this little book screaming constantly to be heard and noticed (or even screaming his price!).Finally, after a couple of hours, I found one book. Yes! It’s very handy it only costs 10 Php! (imagine, original price is 369 Php)

The Pocket Enneagram by Helen Palmer is a book about understanding the 9 types of People namely the Perfectionist, Giver, Performer, Tragic Romantic, Observer, Trooper, Epicure, Boss and Mediator. With the aid of this book, I am hoping that I could find the “cheapest” part of my personality which I have taken for granted. I fear that I would reach the adulthood without realizing my own identity. For now, I have to read and digest this cheapest book (yet stimulating) I have bought.

The water boy

It was a vast array of vibrant scenery. As I saw the magnificent work of the Divine Creator, I decided quickly to pose and have a picture with this kind of masterpiece. The flow of the water was intensely grabbing my soul to plunge in to it, while my friends were acting like little children without their parent’s around watching them (that includes me..hehe). I think the best word that I could associate into such kind of experience is, PEACE. My delightful voice echoed around in the atmosphere and my gentle satisfaction ignited my spirit to behold the wonders of Mother Nature.

My thoughts sent me to some kind of a higher consciousness that indeed, like the water, we could be free. Our capacity to interact in the world would strongly and naturally suggest that we should propagate our inner desires in life. Like the water, we could freely flow through the vastness of river and are strong enough to meet the rocky road of wilderness.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Blogging is Marketing

Blog. This on line journal has made our department in the office, well a den of “bloggers” with the passion and drive to express, trivialize and share their day-to-day experiences coupled with brilliant realizations. Basically this on line journal is not limited or enthroned in the mode of sharing of ideas or feelings and realizations but this is also an avenue where we can talk e-business. I noticed one of my colleagues browsing his products to be sold with matching video documentaries. Indeed, being an expert in web page designing is an edge. Fortunately, most of my colleagues are adept in manipulating and designing when it comes to computer.

I admit that I have also the passion in writing. I love to reflect on things and finding my inner place. But I discovered that my colleagues have actually the talent and artistic way of expressing themselves. It made me to think, that, it seems they also have the passion to nurture the arena where they can be free and be themselves. Honestly, I admire the magnificence of their work and creativity.

To write is to communicate, and to communicate is to express. Ah! blogging is just like marketing in a world of ideas, thoughts, insights and feelings. Thus, "Blogging" is Marketing.


Saturday for me is a very special day. But today it seems that it is adding a load to my basket of decision making goodies. I have to decide what invitation I should take. Needless to say some of the invitations have turned to a sort of disruption. I cannot deny the fun and thrill that attached into it (including the expenses) but it is also hard to cancel some of your committed schedules especially with your "special someone."
The point is that decision making is really crucial when it primarily concerns to time management. Time is the fuel to life. As the saying goes, "We cannot buy an inch of time with miles of gold."


I have been craving for a relaxing massage since last week. The entire day of lifting your fingers on the keyboard and long hours of staring on the screen would really generate muscle pain or shall I say, mild stress. Nevertheless, that craving suddenly vanished when my friend "invitexted" me to have dinner at their house since it's his birthday. Now, my mind has become a canvass full of painted food images on the table-Cravings has evolved to another level! Ok! forget that muscle pain and stress, and look on the brighter side and probably a nicer way to combat depression (haha)-EAT!

My excitement really brought me to the pedestal of being the "early worm" in the party! (How about the prize?) There was no prize really, after all it was a duty to accompany my friend to get his ordered lechon in Lechoneros. It was not really far from their house, the "tricycle" was the means of transportation. I was starting to feel hungry when we arrived in our destination. The sight and the scent of the lechon there, served somehow as the introductory part of the party.

Nevertheless, the eating session just started on time. The foods were delghtfully pleasing and tasty. Of course, the people who were present in the party, added joy in the celebration. Loud laughter and hilarious topics were opened up to spice up the night. It was totally fun and relaxing. It was also like a recollection with my friends and classmates in college.

The warmth of friendship really upholds our sense of becoming a social being. When we nurture relationship, that's the time that we also set our goals in life. Savor the moments with our friends before it's too late.