Thursday, November 27, 2008


Intoxication makes us pure. Someone said this line but unfortunately I can’t remember. This line emphasizes the unfathomable reason why there are some people tend to use the influence of liquor just to vent out the very core of their feelings. Common experiences tell us that usually, some are very brave enough to point out their insecurities and problems in life when they suddenly feel the sensational blast caused by alcohol. During this mode of conversation, people unmask their faces and express what they really feel. They become victors in their own melancholic state and they possess the guts to dwell in some painful events. Emotional indeed but in this very unnatural state, clutters and other forms of unlocked feelings are being expelled and cast out in a seemingly natural way. The depths of our soul are being blocked by pretensions and fake identity. Nevertheless, we take some moments to somehow, ease the burden and deliver the bitterness of life.


shengy said...

hi franz ..naa ko award nimo
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