Friday, November 7, 2008

Star fish

Sea stars can be considered one of the friendly creatures in the sea. In fact, when we are in the beach, we often look for starfish during low tide. Its artistic design really touches my curiosity. What kind of evolution pattern do they undergo in order to arrive in a star-like structure? Another thing which is magnificent about them, is that, they are able to regenerate lost arm. Some said that it is edible, others prefer to have it as a decoration. I don't think that there is a certain law that prohibits catching of starfish but I firmly believe that we must take actions that are beneficial to the environment. Being vigilant about the laws is not enough for we have also to take part in the preservation/ conservation of our natural resources.

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maxi said...

star fish are really cool. i have seen lots of them. the coolest ones i've seen were those with yellow, orange and blue colors. i also have seen some in stripes. love looking at them. but i am scared to touch them.

maxi of sweden