Monday, November 3, 2008


Because of the strong force and bright light that engulfed my conscience, I began writing again. I got sick last week and hopefully I've got my energy recharged including my seasonal, moody brain cells. For the record, I was not able to forget all those pending reports and presentations on my table and including those in the computer. My apetite is back and I found out that I easily get hungry. I am craving for heavy meals and delightfully delicious foods, reasons unknown, whereas before I would just satisfy my cravings over a cup of coffee only. Why is this so? This is the quest that I haven't taken before. It has been 5 years that I have been maintaining my weight. Maybe, I have been doing a lot of exercise or because of the metabolic activity of my body that influences my built. I have to stick with this new routine- to eat and have enough sleep. So, balance the blog life and have a healthy lifestyle.

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