Monday, November 17, 2008

Maintain and Develop

Maintenance and Development uphold a strategic quality management system. Eventhough a company has established already a particular management system, it is still absolutely necessary to monitor, control and develop new systems. Likewise, it is encouraged that trainings should be conducted among employees to widen their knowledge and to advance their skills. An effective way to continuous development in a certain organization is to follow the P-D-C-A approach(Plan, Do, Control, Act). In this process, the established system is being monitored by a series of audits to gather results and findings. Non-conformances are addressed by applying corrective actions to control the quality of the output and product. Both internal and external customers take part in assessing the effectivity and efficiency of the system the fact that they are all part of the whole assembly line. Thus, aquiring a management system is not enough for it has to become a culture within an organization.

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