Thursday, November 13, 2008


Lately I was tasked by my boss to research about JPEPA. I don't even know what this stands for, but as I read the details in the internet, it made me draw some conclusions. JPEPA- Japan-Philppine Economic Partnership Agreement encompasses the reduction of barriers to products such as bananas and it also aspires to facilitate the movement of Filipino nurses and caregivers to aging society. There are a lot of viewa from different sectors-migrant groups, NGOs, Philippine Nurse Association, etc. Since we export banana to Japan, we are affected to this ratified agreement. Most of bananas from our region are exported through an "intermediary" (Japanese companies). One party commented that these companies and their contract to growers and affiliates will benefit from the lowered tariff under JPEPA but not the farmers. There are some loopholes in this agreement wherein our country will be held into a detrimental state. Environmental Hazards are also pointed out that by removing tariffs, it would allow Japan to export here some items containing "environmentally sensitive products deemed potentially hazardous to health and environment." With this, I am grateful that I learned something this morning.

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