Tuesday, November 11, 2008


"Look at me mom...I am number one.." Sounds familiar? When was the last time that we said this line to our mom? For us teenagers,(ehem..),employees, we normally go home past 6 and sometimes, we eat our meals alone. But what makes my mother special is that, until now, she cooks our meals especially, the most important- breakfast. I realized how much she loves us. The food she prepares on the table is the highlight of her role that she silently portrays. The blissful state of having her at home, in my life is indescribable. I am a hypocrite in a sense that..I can't remember when was the time that I said those "words."
I am hungry right now and I am happy that my meal for tonight, for sure, is already cooked. Isn't that amazing to note some of the simple things that are offered especially at home?

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RJ said...

Wow! Nakaka-miss nga ang luto ni nanay sa bahay! Noong magsimula akong magtrabaho sa Luzon noong September 2001, madalang na akong nakakauwi sa bahay namin N. Cotabato, siguro every 6 months at 7days lang. Lalo na ngayong nasa ibang bansa na ako.

I agree, nakakatuwa talagang pag-uwi mo ng bahay luto pa rin ni nanay ang kakainin mo. Kahit nga yung kumakaing sama-sama, sabay sa hapag nami-miss ko na rin. Minsan nung umuwi ako, halos tumulo ang luha ko nung naghapunan kaming mag-anak sa iisang mesa. Sa tingin ko hindi na yun mauulit (this is another story, reserve ito sa blog ko).