Monday, November 10, 2008

Sir yes boss!

I don't know if my usual rection towards a scrutiny from a boss is normal. Everytime he calls my name, it's just like having my turn for the 2nd time circumcision. I tend to prepare some answers that would ease the tension of interrogation. For me, there are 2 types of interrogation: Standing and sitting. It would just take 10 minutes in a standing type of interrogation, wherein I look like a soldier in a "parade rest" position. My usual remedy to this is prayer(that I may rememeber the details that has been transpired last meeting, last planning, last presentation, last....). Then, you would be hesitant to ask: "Sir, is that all?" , because there's a long pause and all you could hear is his mighty fingers touching the keyboard of his laptop. So, all I have to to wait (and be patient). The second type, the sitting position, is like having a visit to your doctor. You would be constantly asked about the update and information regarding the activities and reports submitted by different people in the organization. The technique here, is to avoid painting the stars in the sky but rather, give the negative information as possible. Relating good news (based on my experience), wouldn't really brighten up their morning. This would naturally lasts for 30 mins.... long enough to extract all the necessary information and to find out whether you're lying or not.Moral lesson: never, never, deviate information..or worst case is conceal some news-Good or Bad.)
Nevertheless, I find this experience challenging and a big thing inside my room for improvement.

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hehe goodluck france..