Wednesday, September 3, 2008


The observable, gigantic alien we were holding in the picture weighs more or less 40 kgs. It was our Intramurals and each class had to prepare something exceptional. We decided to make a mascot that would be naturally bigger than a size of a human being. For us, something huge could help us gain recognition. During the first day of making the “giant alien”, I was there planning about the materials to be used and the design. The making of the skeleton, which was the first thing we did, went well because we could actually figure out the envisioned design.

The night before the parade, was the most crucial one, and I was not present during that time because it was our rehearsal for cheering competition (quite hectic huh? Hehe). So, I could not view the finished product on how it looked like.

Early morning, all of the students gathered around in the park with their different costumes and props. Our class was remarkably the most colourful in the crowd. I became quite puzzled because some of my classmates were laughing when I decided to carry the huge mascot. When I held it using my two arms, I deliberately held a loud laugh! Gosh! It was very, very heavy!

The mistake was that the materials used were not appropriate. What made it really funny was that, we already assigned one person who would hold the mascot, but the plan had changed since it weighed just like an ordinary person. So, the boys assisted in carrying the cross, I mean the mascot (hehe) along the highway up to the school.
We bitterly enjoyed the parade! Hep-Hep..Hooray

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