Monday, September 15, 2008

A food for thought

Have you ever asked yourself why do we need to work? Common answer would be for money, but I pondered upon the thought that we are in a cycle in our life. A good example would be Mr.Right since elementary to college his been an honor student then lands a good paying job, finds a wife and has family. He then tells his son to study hard so that he will also have a good paying job and so on, the cycle repeats itself never ending. In this cycle only a handful of individual, not to escape, can go beyond it and those individuals are those who risk for what they strongly believe in.

That is life, we may never know what will happen and here's a few for those who are going to work

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wen-i-sit-alone said...

actually sometimes, naiisip ko na may pagkabaliw ang mga tao. bakit nga ba tayo nagtatrabaho? gagawa din ako ng blog about it some other time. :) bakit nga ba? hehe! geh exchange links tyo. :)