Monday, September 1, 2008

The water boy

It was a vast array of vibrant scenery. As I saw the magnificent work of the Divine Creator, I decided quickly to pose and have a picture with this kind of masterpiece. The flow of the water was intensely grabbing my soul to plunge in to it, while my friends were acting like little children without their parent’s around watching them (that includes me..hehe). I think the best word that I could associate into such kind of experience is, PEACE. My delightful voice echoed around in the atmosphere and my gentle satisfaction ignited my spirit to behold the wonders of Mother Nature.

My thoughts sent me to some kind of a higher consciousness that indeed, like the water, we could be free. Our capacity to interact in the world would strongly and naturally suggest that we should propagate our inner desires in life. Like the water, we could freely flow through the vastness of river and are strong enough to meet the rocky road of wilderness.

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