Friday, August 29, 2008

Blogging is Marketing

Blog. This on line journal has made our department in the office, well a den of “bloggers” with the passion and drive to express, trivialize and share their day-to-day experiences coupled with brilliant realizations. Basically this on line journal is not limited or enthroned in the mode of sharing of ideas or feelings and realizations but this is also an avenue where we can talk e-business. I noticed one of my colleagues browsing his products to be sold with matching video documentaries. Indeed, being an expert in web page designing is an edge. Fortunately, most of my colleagues are adept in manipulating and designing when it comes to computer.

I admit that I have also the passion in writing. I love to reflect on things and finding my inner place. But I discovered that my colleagues have actually the talent and artistic way of expressing themselves. It made me to think, that, it seems they also have the passion to nurture the arena where they can be free and be themselves. Honestly, I admire the magnificence of their work and creativity.

To write is to communicate, and to communicate is to express. Ah! blogging is just like marketing in a world of ideas, thoughts, insights and feelings. Thus, "Blogging" is Marketing.

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