Friday, August 29, 2008


I have been craving for a relaxing massage since last week. The entire day of lifting your fingers on the keyboard and long hours of staring on the screen would really generate muscle pain or shall I say, mild stress. Nevertheless, that craving suddenly vanished when my friend "invitexted" me to have dinner at their house since it's his birthday. Now, my mind has become a canvass full of painted food images on the table-Cravings has evolved to another level! Ok! forget that muscle pain and stress, and look on the brighter side and probably a nicer way to combat depression (haha)-EAT!

My excitement really brought me to the pedestal of being the "early worm" in the party! (How about the prize?) There was no prize really, after all it was a duty to accompany my friend to get his ordered lechon in Lechoneros. It was not really far from their house, the "tricycle" was the means of transportation. I was starting to feel hungry when we arrived in our destination. The sight and the scent of the lechon there, served somehow as the introductory part of the party.

Nevertheless, the eating session just started on time. The foods were delghtfully pleasing and tasty. Of course, the people who were present in the party, added joy in the celebration. Loud laughter and hilarious topics were opened up to spice up the night. It was totally fun and relaxing. It was also like a recollection with my friends and classmates in college.

The warmth of friendship really upholds our sense of becoming a social being. When we nurture relationship, that's the time that we also set our goals in life. Savor the moments with our friends before it's too late.

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