Monday, September 8, 2008

University chapel

One of my unforgettable places in the University, where I studied, is the chapel. I used to attend mass every 5:00 in the afternoon before entering my next class. I am an altar server and at the same time a lector. It all began when I became a member of the Campus Liturgical Ministry.
The chapel can accommodate 200 people where most of them are “Ateneans” and Alumni of the school. It has become the place wherein we are given the time to recollect with our classmates before, friends and even our mentors. But this holy place also serves as the silent sanctuary where we can recollect with ourselves.
Also, the highlights of the physical structure of the chapel are the stained glass wall. Naturally, images of Jesus Christ and the Blessed Virgin Mary is shown on the glass, but what makes it more creative is that images of some important persons who have contributed so much in the university, for example, the Jesuit community, professors, priests, etc. were also painted on the glass.

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