Sunday, September 14, 2008

A minute vacation by Mr. Cup

How do you like your coffee to be, hot or cold?

I start my day with the gentle flow of water and a peaceful sound it makes. Rays from the sun slowly envelopes the four corners of the room making it look like a grand opening of a concert sonata. The ticking sound I hear from the knob turning, sets the mode of a peaceful morning. I am gradually basked by the granules of coffee beans and some lumps of sugar, releasing a sweet aroma in the air. The graceful motion being made by the spoon slowly unifies the agents of myself making me full. Then a sudden change in my surroundings as if my whole body is being lifted. I gainfully lose every time a sip is made, and I am puzzled why the moment is being savored? Is it because a part from me is taken or is it a part of me is accepted?
As the end of the day, i feel empty and then again i start a new.

The story I made is a daily reflection of our life. I prefer my coffee hot.


Nice said...

nice post! good choice of words... interesting to read. keep it up!

Genny said...

You are a poetic person nice post.

wonderful things in life