Thursday, February 5, 2009

Coffee night for a petty one.

“Don’t stir your coffee, instead, drink it little by little and savour the variety of flavourful tastes.” That, of course, comes from a fellow who owns actually a small yet cozy internet/coffee shop. I intend to drop by with my special someone to a coffee shop and spent some time talking about matters that led us to the sarcastic world of petty quarell. The coffee was affordable and indeed, well-served. They took time to explain their product and offered some tips on how to enjoy our daily cup of coffee. The traditional saying “strike while the iron is hot” applies with the coffee also that the moment you carefully sip it, you could achieve the real zest. Some coffee taste bitter and it is quite ideal instead of adding on sugar, having chocolates or brownies would be better. It was stimulating upon knowing those simple tricks. The owner added that like the coffee, life also has its own variety of flavours, be it bitter or sweet. I dwelled on the line that he said. We keep on stirring it and managing such expectations to let it appear joyous and free from pain. We stir life/coffee in a way that we expect some favourable outcomes that during our first try/ first taste on the bitterness, we withdraw our appreciation towards the whole life/coffee. Thus, we looked for substitute, sugar and another taste-the sweeter one. We failed to realize that the sweetest of life’s sweets can only be achieved by tasting the bitterest life’s bitter. So, allow petty quarrels to add bitterness oh, I mean “spice” to the relationship.

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