Thursday, February 12, 2009

Don't sabotage your relationship

"They try to distance themselves before they get dumped." According from a study, self-confidence strengthens the connectedness of a couple. Their love transcends if both persons possess the inner drive which upholds their personality as a complete being. Basically, when we are feeling down and depressed, we regain confidence through a mate's love and support. We extend ourselves and offer our time and effort to build the relationship. Unfortunately, people who suffer from low self-esteem, assume that their partners notice their glaring faults more than their positive side. Ironically, insecure people think less of their loved ones because they are afraid of rejection. They tend to believe that that their partner's love to them is conditional. Now, it all boils down to a realization that a couple with low-self esteem are at risk. Fortunately,strong and stable relationships are known to boost self-esteem. So, as the insecure person dwells onto the "love arena" with a strong partner, the less likely she is to drive him away.

Psychology Today Magazine, May/Jun 1999


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