Thursday, February 26, 2009

Morning rush

Morning rush is not unusual among employees. As an experience, I tend to wake up at 7 in the morning, since my home is not far distant from the office. But unfortunately, I tend to be complacent within that span of hour and taking too much time inside the bathroom. I realize also that once I am the last one who uses the bathroom; I take the precious time for granted. I utilize as long as I like. Whereas, if someone is waiting outside to take his/her turn, I obediently do my bathroom routine a little bit faster. This simple thing I spot brings a lot of sense. Routine becomes a habitual practice and must be perceived positively. We interact with people. We interact with time. We interact with ourselves. The simple things we cannot accomplish may become barriers in handling the big steps. I think the primary stimulus that should be set for us individuals is time. We rush because of time. We need to accomplish things early because of the time. All of us have its own line of duty and responsibility wherein it highlights our personality on the way we manage our time and the way we face the challenges that we come along. So next time, I would definitely take some steps to overcome morning rush.

The song, “ten to eight” by David Castle tells a piece of experience by common employees out there who reports at 8 in the office and are often disrupted by their morning routines.

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Nebz said...

Ngayong umaga lang I was wondering in my bed why I always feel that 9am is always late but 9pm is still too early.

"The simple things...become barriers (towards our) big steps."

I totally agree.

Pag tatamad-tamad tayo, we achieve nothing. Nararamdaman ko un ngayon sa trabaho. I know it's wrong to be tamad pero ewan ko ba kung bakit. Masarap maging tamad, mahirap nga lang harapin ang consequence ng pagiging tamad.

Thought-provoking post you have here.