Monday, May 11, 2009

the kaveman

I won the fight. I was thirsty and sweating all through out. After receiving the vibrant greetings from my team mates, I sat on the floor and dwelled on the fight I had. The rigid training I invested has finally paid off.

In one fight, there was this one man who opened my eyes to realm of martial arts. His simplicity overshadowed the mediocrity of all players who stepped in the arena. I noticed him while he was doing his warm up exercise, wherein, the swiftness of kicks and the agile foot works show the amount of passion he portrays. His silence and humility is extraordinary. He exudes an aura of a true martial artist.
His first fight was indeed exceptional that facing a much taller opponent wouldn’t be that easy. The moment the referee signalled “fight!” my excitement brought me in euphoria, kept thinking how interesting match it would be. 5 seconds passed when the taller guy threw his kick right into the body, but it was accurately countered attack by a turning kick to the head! The crowd went wild for it was truly a “David and Goliath” scene. The slingshot was magnificent!

I was a beginner then, but I pursued my passion practicing the art. A portion of my high school years was dedicated to my life in the gym. I kept on dreaming that someday, I could do that slingshot. Years have passed, and I witnessed him again playing to higher level tournaments. His prowess continued in the arena of full contact sports that he and his elder brother even faced for the grand championship bout. The “kaveman” captured my inner passion to determine in life and to be humble.

Now, my practice of the said art has diminished. I have my work and happy about it. But the virtues that I acquired will hopefully transcend me to become the David in facing my own Goliaths in life.

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