Wednesday, May 13, 2009

It all began with I

I was in second year college (not so long ago, hehe) when I drew this portrait. My seatmate asked for it and without any hesitation, I gave it to her. It has been 5 years since I saw this sketch. So, how did I find it? Surprisingly, she uploaded it on her “friendster” account. That time, I instantly grabbed it, and remembered the things that have had happened during my college days. I usually compile my artworks; well most of them are sketches using pencil, ball pen and charcoal, but now, they are gone. They were not stolen or bought by other classmates, but simply I gave it especially during Christmas Party and other occasions. I find it special when the gift is something artistically and patiently made. I gave one of my artworks to one of my friends during her debut and that was the cheapest yet the unique one among the gifts. I have no regrets giving my works the fact that they are just ordinary, but it is my way of extending my self to be their friend.

Now, the workload and responsibilities I carry do not provide me a space even for a single stroke. It is only when I attend retreats and recollections that I have the luxury of time to draw. Most people view drawing or painting as an expression. Indeed, it is one way of venting out anger and depression. But one thing is for sure that in every artwork, it is best illustrated when you have the passion for it. When you have the inspiration and willingness to undergo improvement you have the recipe for proactive view in life. For, inspiration and improvement………begin with “I”.

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jedai said...

so you're our meg's francis? pafollow ha. =)