Monday, June 29, 2009


Edward, Carl, Mark, Francisko...during our Christmas (costume) Party...
Well, it's delightful to note some of our hang outs during our high school days. After almost a decade, we gathered once again and "renewed" the freshness of friendship. We graduated from different uninversities, but learned one thing in common-- loyalty.

Different personalities, different principles in life..yet, able to withstand the differences we possess.

hehe, of course, to stanley and jeffrey...ever loyal to laugh at my jokes and always kid me about that "jeepney incident"(vowed not to do that again without checking my backpack.)

Good thing i kept some of our photos. It's just like having a mere glimpse during that Analytic Geometry exam, spending lunch breaks in a "pugad ng war freak" carinderia, "scavenging" during recess time, availing the P10 siopao during 9:00, playing basketball and video games, learning swimming/diving, gambling (excluding me), drinking, etc.

i don't miss u guys..



Meloi said...

hows meggy? make kwento bout sa love story niyong dalawa. HAHAHAHAHA. I can imagine you now: dilat na dilat ang mata. I can't make her talk. She's stubborn kasi. ang galeng mo ha. nabingwit mo si MEG. si Meg pa of all (clumsy and retarded)ladies. kiss her for me!

francis ko said...

dilat na dilat jud ah..hahaha..pumalag c meg, bakit may "retarded" pa daw? hehe..ayaw magpakiss eh..hahaha