Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Innovation is the fuel to entrepreneurship. We might become short-visioned towards the realization of our business if we just settle to what has been established in the arena. Entry to market is a great factor to consider because it helps us in assessing the kind of market we are going to focus. Taking a strategic stand, we can use available resources to gain insights and understanding on the business line we are going to invest. This site gives us wide information about entrepreneur world and provides us with business web directory which is an advantage.

I know that J&J (Johnsons & Johnsons) is not new to everyone, and this has reached a lot of consumers in terms of their quality service. There was this story about hard work and innovation that guided a businessman, named Jay, to achieve his goals.
His first step towards his vision was on coming up with the idea of producing the “buds” for J&J.
Aside from the challenge of getting married with his limited bank account, but he was more challenged to take advantage with J&J and proceed to his envisioned business. Being in the production department for 2 years, it was an advantage for him that he knew the people, their quality standards, and how to compute the labor and overhead savings for J&J(P.04 per stick or 25% of the previous cost). With that, the picture somehow became clearer that if he would produce plastic sticks using J&J’s machine, it would be a major step considering his financial constraints in having such machine. Jay rented the 50 square meters of space at P 60/ square meter and J&J payments for the sticks were received by Mr. Go’s (His Father-in-law) company and credited to Jay.
Later because of inevitable circumstances, JAD Manufacturing was born. Several opportunities were spotted by Jay and later became another ladder to succeed in his career. He was able to entice J&J of his newly-found 1000 square meter warehouse wherein he was suggesting some warehousing services to a portion of their production particularly. Within the same year, a fellow named Bobby Serrano opened another opportunity with Jay to subcontract Bobby’s excess production of alcohol. Subsequently, the line was transferred to JAD. Because of the constant labor unrest in that time, Jay’s remedy is to have an excess production of 30% in order to be prepared for J&J’s additional production.
In 1997, the offered 1000 square meter to J&J ballooned to 10,000 which pushed Jay’s Nor Partnership with J&J to limit to manufacturing and warehousing. Another opportunity sprung out when Jay discovered the big difference of the price of the bags and pellets to J&J compared to his father-in-law. With this, he took the advantage of supplying J&J with plastic items.
Because of the trouble that arose in distribution J&J to Southern Tagalog, it was a milestone for JAD Mfg. to push through with their plan to go also with distribution. J&J granted Jay with his offer for the distributorship rights in Batangas and later contract for Laguna and Cavite were transferred to them.
Jay started small, which is actually an eye opener to those people out there who are actually planning to start a mall.

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