Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Guggenheim and Post-modern City of Spectacle

Glasgow, the largest city in Scotland and a port on the Clyde in west central Scotland; one of the great shipbuilding centres of the world. It has become the vehicle for economic, cultural, political and social sustainability.Bilbao The Guggenheim and Post modern City of Spectacle created an artistic "schema" that has become a strategic move for the state in transforming their values and culture into a picture of masterpiece. It is a “Strategic masterpiece” in a scenario wherein the idea of interrelatedness of industrial factors has been fuelled to augment the complexities of individual choice and recognition.
I remember when my Professor in the graduate school, he said that one of the strategic investments is poured to paintings and other work of arts. Many of us,for example, do not have enough idea on how valuable the portrait of Monalisa is, and why it manifests a vast amount of monetary values. We are not limiting our vision to the monetary factor, but instead we cover also the patriotism that triggers every nation to open their eyes to the magnificence of their being. The work of art that is being attached into their identities as true people of their nation is being ignited.
The highlight of this strategy can be associated in the political sphere wherein it captures media, labor leaders, and the industry. The perspective of a politician is microscopically altered by the economic chain flowing a certain country transaction, government and market-place being linked in many ways, especially through taxes and money. Thus, we cannot deny the fact that politics has something to do with this strategy because it creates the decision, policy and power of government and of course interpret global consensus.

“The world is not fragmented but integrated, that every economic event that takes place someplace in the world is felt virtually everywhere in the world.” With the smooth and speedy channel of media and other voices of segments in the industry, critics are then generated to assess the issues on globalization, economic justice, transparency, accountability and ensuring a healthy global financial system.

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