Wednesday, February 17, 2010

We advertise life

I never thought that this online journal will be used as a mechanism to support other forms of media. Google and blog advertising are tools to express our thoughts in a more vibrant way. This seemingly "informal journalism" affects our line of thinking and expression. The idea to voice out in every situation is being triggered and our rational ways has been developed in a way that it tends to develop a network. It creates a tie among us people who seek for more knowledge in different lines of field, be it art, technology, health and living, etc. An act to pour some portion of our lives to this on line journal is an evidence that we are becoming mature individuals in this new age of technology. We grow physically, emotionally and "technologically" aware on what is being stored outside there for us. The usual way of thinking inside the box is toppled by the more innovative way of spending some time in reflections and touching other lives of people as well. It is wonderful to feel within everytime a fellow, leaves his/her a note/comment because of the post that somehow, touched one's life. It is an experience that boost our dignity and sense of importance in the cosmos.
We advertise not only products, but also our passion, our life. Perhaps, the advertising is one way of bringing up something into the air which will touch and influence lives. In this line of advertising and channel, we nurture life, and we nurture relationship.

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