Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Kung Fu = hardwork

Lim Bee Huat's Kopitiam is a lifetime innovation. It started in Singapore and touched several lives in the different sectors of society. For me, Lim Bee Huat, has conquered the virtue of Kung fu which is hard work. His struggles and undertakings have provided a solid foundation to his being as an effective and efficient decision maker of all time. Every kung fu artist has its own expertise and likewise, “every trade has a master.”

“Hawkers” then live their life by having the usual operation in the street. The conflict arose when the government launched a massive project to clear the streets of hawkers, but that did not inhibit the flow of the story in fact, generated a new way to keep and uplift this “hawkers”- food court.
Needless to say, LBH possess also the best quality of an entrepreneur. He turned the usual coffee shops that catered products such as soft drinks, coffee, tea with breakfast into unusual and extraordinary mark of enticing customers. He knows pretty sure that a lot of people in Singapore gathers after dinner over a cup of coffee and so, he conceptualized to place the known “community center” inside the floor plan of business, Kopitiam. I can say that he is innovative because he did not stick on the idea of what coffee shops and “hawkers” was known to be. From the usual unsanitary conditions and all-male customers to a well-furnished interior quality management system and from the simple 21 small compartments to a wide variety of delicious cuisine, it is magnificent. He revolutionized his thoughts and popularized some ideas that are parallel to the voice and yearnings of “hawkers.”
In fact, LBH became “tricky” in dealing with the government’s policy. Because of low capital requirement for entry in the industry, the competition is very tight and so the intensity of rivalry has brought into existence one of the “marketing strategies of all time.” Indeed, LBH’s marketing strategy of having command to drinks, dessert and fruit stalls controlled the ambience of competition. His brilliant idea of capturing the customers’ “obedience to thirst and appetite” helped him arrive in the strategy of positioning the coffee/drinks/dessert/ stall strategically in the floor plan. The strategic set-up of his stall can be equated to the positioning of drinking fountain in a food establishment wherein people naturally seek for water to obey their thirst and because of that, it becomes a pipe line of free flowing income.
Because of the sure-fire way of stall to provide income, LBH charges only for rental and in that way, the “hawkers”/tenants will have a healthy way of doing business. Setting their price will not be that onerous to them because of the strategy of LBH. Also, for the customers, it would be much appreciated because of its cheap prices, convenience and variety of foods to enjoy. What makes it nobler is that, LBH did not own and fully managed the hawker-tenants. The food stalls were concessions, but the company supervised the quality of food and services.

Well, Lim Bee Huat is an efficient manager wherein he devotes himself in the company, that Kopitiam has already been attached to his identity. He is an entrepreneur wherein he transformed something that is in line with his passion and vision. But at some point, LBH has become one of the greatest authors of all time. His life was carefully examined and painstakingly discovered the sweetness of reward after numerous trials in life. We have great inspiring authors such as john Maxwell and Robert Kiyosaki, stating some insights and strategic ways to achieve a common goal in business. Lim Bee Huat speaks the same thing even though he did not published his life and forte but his name shines as we come across with the word, food court.

Such a great author, a master, a manager, an entrepreneur and an artist exist in the world and spread the value of vision in every path we may take.

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